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Spiritual discrimination

Oct 06, 1996 04:50 PM
by Maxim Osinovsky

Those who claim that there is no such thing as the white path and the
black path and that those are merely childish ideas, should realize that
they instantly throw overboard the Ageless Wisdom. In fact the Ageless Wisdom
offers some means (like serving the evolution or otherwise, the soul
contact or lack thereof, acknowledging the God's Plan for humanity and
cooperating with it or obstructing it, etc.) to discriminate between the
white and the black, and that kind of discrimination is a part of
OBLIGATORY equipment of every spiritually minded person.

Picking up some pieces of theosophy, bits of the left-hand tantrism,
some ideas of Al. Cr., etc, and cooking up a home-made 'spiritual' system
may not exactly be the black path--maybe rather a shade of the grey one,
which however does not make any essential difference: more dirt or less
dirt is still dirt. Just another way of contaminating the Ageless Wisdom
with some dirt.

Some others on this list who support the above mentioned discussion as
a good word game or just as a joke, may wish to remember that careless
language still creates karma commensurate with the literal meaning of the
words used and especially with the vibrations in the environment their
electronic speech may generate.

I believe things like that should not go unchallenged, so I invite others
to contribute their opinions about it.


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