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General Weirdness

Oct 06, 1996 03:53 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <961006163220_74024.3352_BHT64-4@CompuServe.COM>, Keith Price
<74024.3352@CompuServe.COM> writes
>Alan, I wish you the best of luck on this cyber-utopia, this Aquarian Erewhon.
>But like Gulliver, I'm only gullible north by northwest.  I wish we could create
>"communities of competence'"  like ancient Crotona and the Academies of Plato
>and perhaps the lamasaries of Shamballa-like Tibet.  It would be nice if we were
>all clothed and clean and fit and althletic and healthy and had the time to
>pursue art, culture and love one another unconditionally, but do you get there
>by global goverment of personal effort----maybe like Jerry said, "it is a grey
>thing!"  We can only create a nucleus of universal brotherhood as individual
>role models coming together to create a community role model -- sounds like
>Fabian socialism or hippie communites with a 1990's spin.

Now that, I wouldn;t be surprised, might be a route to follow!
>I am not really a groupie myself.  I have toyed with the idea of exploring Wicca
>and local covens, but from what I can tell just by reading the newsletters etc.
>they sound pretty sad.

So I too have noticed.

>  Like a bunch of old losers and misfit young people
>looking for somekind of return to nature-cum-acceptance of not fitting into the
>Bougeouis myth of surburbia and Lexus' and all that. And who can blame them?

I don't blame them at all.  If this wondrous thing called Theosophy had
lived up to its expectations, they might have had something worth
getting together for.  I just uploaded "Message2.txt" of 1889 by HPB to
my homepage - it is very sad reading, for it seems to me that she is
announcing (maybe without realising it) that the battle for a true
theosophy has already been lost.
>MOVEMENTS ?????????????
>  I hope I will be around a little while longer to see.  My guess, is we  will
>stumble along the best we can as we always have.  Hey, anyone want to go to
>playoffs and eat pizza and drink beer or maybe just sit at home and watch a talk
>show?  :)
Can I skip the playoffs?  Time I bought a red ribbon.

Alan :-)
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