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Re: A Y in the Path: Beauty or the Beast

Oct 05, 1996 04:41 AM
by m.k. ramadoss

Hi -

A very informative summary. All of us are better informed of Crowley.

    Peace to all living beings.

    M K Ramadoss

On Sat, 5 Oct 1996, Maurice de Montaine wrote:

>                  A Y IN THE PATH: BEAUTY OR THE BEAST
>                     An Example of the Wrong Choice
> ________________                                      ________________
>      Edward Alexander Crowley, who is better known to the world by
> his first name of Aleister, is a classic example of a lifestream who
> was once a student of the Adepts of the Great White Brotherhood but
> who turned from the Light to the dark side after approaching the Y in
> the path.
>      To take the right-hand path leads the traveller to the heights
> of spiritual attainment and life everlasting within the precincts of
> the Great White Brotherhood; however, to sojourn along the left-hand
> path is to take that way which leads to the darkest abyss of the
> Black Brotherhood. So the choice was made on that occasion by the one
> who eventually called himself Chio Khan (the Beast). The name says it
> all, dear brothers and sisters in Theosophy, for no one who treads
> the right-hand path would ever adopt such a name and make it their
> own. The one who traverses the spiritual path and remains thereon is
> never the beast.
>      Remember this, travellers on the Way, so you can learn to
> discern the one from the other when you are confronted with the life
> history of another. In Theosophy we are taught that there is the
> right-hand path and its opposite the left-hand path. And every
> Theosophist should distinguish between the two as well as remain true
> to the Way of real Illumination to retain the designation
> Theosophist. For Theosophy is the Path of the Divine Wisdom.
> Incidentally, the Sanskrit for the right-hand path is dakshina-marga
> and those who follow this path are termed dakshinacharins, while the
> left-hand path is called vamachara and its followers vamacharins. An
> alternate appellation for vamachara is savyachara.
>      Crowley is generally acknowledged as having held membership and
> high position in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and also in
> the Ordo Templi Orientis (Order of the Eastern Temple [O.T.O.]), but
> it is not often mentioned that he was a Freemason of the Ancient and
> Accepted Rite. His 33rd degree Masonic diploma was issued in London
> during October 1910. He was subsequently expelled by the Grand
> Secretary General 33rd degree in London for conduct unbefitting that
> of a Mason.
>      The Beast was firmly enmeshed in the depravity of inordinate
> sexual activities and psychic delvings. I noticed that the former has
> been somewhat mentioned on this Theosophy list in the sense of sexual
> activity, but from a point of not being certain of whether this is
> legitimate or not in the life of a spiritual aspirant. Well, ordinate
> sexual relations are deemed acceptable but not the inordinate and
> perverted sexual expressions indulged in by Crowley. Also, the real
> aspirant to spiritual attainment is not drawn by the phenomenal that
> is the psychic realm. This has been pointed out by the Masters
> themselves, Blavatsky and numerous other enlightened souls of Light.
>      Add to the above another, as in the pamphlet issued in 1935
> entitled Audi Alteram Partem (Hear the Other Side) by Dr H. Spencer
> Lewis, the Imperator of the Rosicrucian Order (A.M.O.R.C.) and holder
> of a charter of the O.T.O. direct from Theodor Reuss, the then head
> of the O.T.O., disavowed any connection with Crowley and his
> distortions within the legitimate O.T.O., etc. In fact, Dr Lewis
> considered Crowley to be a black magician.
>      Crowley even described his literary writings as the first
> serious attempt to place before the public the facts of occult
> science "since Blavatsky's unscholarly hotch-potch of fact and fable,
> Isis Unveiled." And he considered his new order called Astrum
> Argentum (Silver Star) as the truly occult representative of the
> Great White Brotherhood. The black magic-sex teachings of Crowley are
> indicative of the Brothers of the Shadow rather than the Brothers of
> Light.
>      I dare say many delude themselves through their own ignorance,
> ego and misconceptions. On the same token, it is amazing how many
> accept Crowley and his philosophy as being not only the genuine
> article but also spiritual. To these I say:-
>               From the unreal lead me to the Real
>               From darkness lead me to Light
>               From death lead me to Immortality.
>                        - Brihadaranyaka Upanishad
> Fraternally
> Maurice
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