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A Y in the Path: Beauty or the Beast

Oct 04, 1996 03:36 AM
by Maurice de Montaine


                    An Example of the Wrong Choice
________________                                      ________________

     Edward Alexander Crowley, who is better known to the world by
his first name of Aleister, is a classic example of a lifestream who
was once a student of the Adepts of the Great White Brotherhood but
who turned from the Light to the dark side after approaching the Y in
the path.

     To take the right-hand path leads the traveller to the heights
of spiritual attainment and life everlasting within the precincts of
the Great White Brotherhood; however, to sojourn along the left-hand
path is to take that way which leads to the darkest abyss of the
Black Brotherhood. So the choice was made on that occasion by the one
who eventually called himself Chio Khan (the Beast). The name says it
all, dear brothers and sisters in Theosophy, for no one who treads
the right-hand path would ever adopt such a name and make it their
own. The one who traverses the spiritual path and remains thereon is
never the beast.

     Remember this, travellers on the Way, so you can learn to
discern the one from the other when you are confronted with the life
history of another. In Theosophy we are taught that there is the
right-hand path and its opposite the left-hand path. And every
Theosophist should distinguish between the two as well as remain true
to the Way of real Illumination to retain the designation
Theosophist. For Theosophy is the Path of the Divine Wisdom.
Incidentally, the Sanskrit for the right-hand path is dakshina-marga
and those who follow this path are termed dakshinacharins, while the
left-hand path is called vamachara and its followers vamacharins. An
alternate appellation for vamachara is savyachara.

     Crowley is generally acknowledged as having held membership and
high position in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and also in
the Ordo Templi Orientis (Order of the Eastern Temple [O.T.O.]), but
it is not often mentioned that he was a Freemason of the Ancient and
Accepted Rite. His 33rd degree Masonic diploma was issued in London
during October 1910. He was subsequently expelled by the Grand
Secretary General 33rd degree in London for conduct unbefitting that
of a Mason.

     The Beast was firmly enmeshed in the depravity of inordinate
sexual activities and psychic delvings. I noticed that the former has
been somewhat mentioned on this Theosophy list in the sense of sexual
activity, but from a point of not being certain of whether this is
legitimate or not in the life of a spiritual aspirant. Well, ordinate
sexual relations are deemed acceptable but not the inordinate and
perverted sexual expressions indulged in by Crowley. Also, the real
aspirant to spiritual attainment is not drawn by the phenomenal that
is the psychic realm. This has been pointed out by the Masters
themselves, Blavatsky and numerous other enlightened souls of Light.

     Add to the above another, as in the pamphlet issued in 1935
entitled Audi Alteram Partem (Hear the Other Side) by Dr H. Spencer
Lewis, the Imperator of the Rosicrucian Order (A.M.O.R.C.) and holder
of a charter of the O.T.O. direct from Theodor Reuss, the then head
of the O.T.O., disavowed any connection with Crowley and his
distortions within the legitimate O.T.O., etc. In fact, Dr Lewis
considered Crowley to be a black magician.

     Crowley even described his literary writings as the first
serious attempt to place before the public the facts of occult
science "since Blavatsky's unscholarly hotch-potch of fact and fable,
Isis Unveiled." And he considered his new order called Astrum
Argentum (Silver Star) as the truly occult representative of the
Great White Brotherhood. The black magic-sex teachings of Crowley are
indicative of the Brothers of the Shadow rather than the Brothers of

     I dare say many delude themselves through their own ignorance,
ego and misconceptions. On the same token, it is amazing how many
accept Crowley and his philosophy as being not only the genuine
article but also spiritual. To these I say:-

              From the unreal lead me to the Real
              From darkness lead me to Light
              From death lead me to Immortality.

                       - Brihadaranyaka Upanishad


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