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Moon over Maple Ridge

Sep 29, 1996 09:45 AM
by brigitte balint

Hello, Iam a newbie on the net but want to coment on the lunar eclipse.
As comented by someone else, the Moon appeared here looking to me as the planet
Mars red and very overpowering in size. It was almost as if we are going to by
crushed by this "planet" H.P.B. in the Secret Doctrine talks about a 13th hidden
planet. Anyway the eclipse was breathtaking here in British Columbia, Canada.
One more thought, has anyone seen the programm on PBS regarding the Mandelbrot set?
I would love to learn more about this new Theory. It had to to with exploring
the most minute particles which became possible with the computor age.
What they showed on T.V. was an design like mandalas with little buddhas as the final
symbol it lokked very mystereous but also very interesting.
Please coment on this.  Thank you.  Brigitte

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