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Sep 29, 1996 04:59 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>'Here is a man who reputedly knows so
>much and has all these powers, but his life story, when all is said and >done,is basically that he started off with all the advantages of an >inherited fortune and
ended up more-or-less bankrupt and a drug addict >to boot.'  [Correct me if I am
wrong in this.]

You are not wrong, but your statements are a bit misleading.  I don't
want to be in the position of siding with Crowley here, but he actually
became poor because he had little regard for money, and he spent
virtually all of his fortune publishing his own material (which today
is worth a bundle, but in his day he had to practically give away).
His "drug" problem began, like so many people, with a doctor's
prescription to help his asthma, and he got hooked on it, but without
it his asthma was (apparently) worse than the addiction.  Probably
the singlemost thing that Crowley did that I personally find offensive
is that he liked to hunt and advocated the killing of animals for sport.
I find this kind of macho "sport" disgusting.

Jerry S.
Member, TI

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