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Re: Maitreya(sp?)

Sep 27, 1996 06:53 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, John Straughn
<> writes
>Has anyone else come across this name on their newsgroups?  Supposedly,
>Maitreya is the Messiah, and he's been here since the seventies, hiding out in
>the himalayas or something.  Hehe...I don't know whether to believe it or not,
>but if what they're saying is true, we should hear his "voice" very clearly in
>our minds within the next few years....who knows?

He used to be J.Krishnamurti until the guy said no he wasn't.  A certain
Bishop Leadbeater and the Head of the Theosophical Society were not

Last I heard he was a guy called Benjamin Creme [sic] living in London,
>btw, he's not here to destroy the world either.  He's here to bring together
>humanity.  So, even if he's not the Christ returned, he sounds like an ok guy
>to me.  Anyone got any inside information on this subject?  I'm skeptical,
>(its in my nature, I suppose), but hey, if it can be proven, esp. by the
>scientific method, I just might take some of this info. seriously.

>"There is no wisdom higher then truth." (I love that!)

So do I, which is why I am replying!
>The Triaist

What's a Triast, John?
Alan :-)
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