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Sep 27, 1996 08:28 PM
by John Straughn

Has anyone else come across this name on their newsgroups?  Supposedly,
Maitreya is the Messiah, and he's been here since the seventies, hiding out in
the himalayas or something.  Hehe...I don't know whether to believe it or not,
but if what they're saying is true, we should hear his "voice" very clearly in
our minds within the next few years....who knows?

btw, he's not here to destroy the world either.  He's here to bring together
humanity.  So, even if he's not the Christ returned, he sounds like an ok guy
to me.  Anyone got any inside information on this subject?  I'm skeptical,
(its in my nature, I suppose), but hey, if it can be proven, esp. by the
scientific method, I just might take some of this info. seriously.

"There is no wisdom higher then truth." (I love that!)
The Triaist

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