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Re: The 1995 letter

Sep 25, 1996 03:07 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, Uri Macnev
<> writes
>* Forwarded by Uri Macnev
>* From : Kay Ziatz
>Subj: The 1995 letter
>To: M.K.Ramadoss
>     Hello.
>     I've finally translated the letter to Roerich congress which I
>mentioned before. For those who haven't read my previous letter I repeat
>that this anonymous letter was passed by unknown women to presidium of
>the congress which took place in Moscow last year. Also I have to re-
>peat that because of my poor English and original style of the document
>I couldn't make an adequate translation.  K.Z.

I thank you for posting this, as I am sure will MKR.  Although the
English is a little strangely worded, I find that the letter has all the
indications I would expect to see in a genuine message from a "higher"
source.  I sincerely hope someone can be found who can do an improved
translation, though in many ways it isn't so necessary ...

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