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The 1995 letter

Sep 25, 1996 08:46 AM
by Uri Macnev


* Forwarded by Uri Macnev
* From : Kay Ziatz

> Subj: The 1995 letter
> To: M.K.Ramadoss


     I've finally translated the letter to Roerich congress which I
mentioned before. For those who haven't read my previous letter I repeat
that this anonymous letter was passed by unknown women to presidium of
the congress which took place in Moscow last year. Also I have to re-
peat that because of my poor English and original style of the document
I couldn't make an adequate translation.  K.Z.

                            To participants of the conference

              Peace and joy to listening hearts!

  When began reading, joy of the new and consonant visited you.
  When meeting with people, have seen their wonder of uncommon.
  When sharing drops of known, regarded yourselves as knowing.
Only tone and gaze have changed - you've lost the newcomers. And
unity was converted to opposition.
  Think a while, what do you divide?
  What for do you tear a cloth weaved by a indefatigable work?
Bitter to see.
  Fence of personal offenses divides adherents. In the ages all
the divisions, splits and quarrels were grown from the personal
offenses, only above covered by unacceptability of the other.
  Can't be proud of absence of mutual understanding. If you pull
out the black thread from the words lace, it will be you, who'll
be wrapped up by it. Which advance might be then? Which creation?
  Forgive sincerely to each other all the offenses voluntary and
involuntary. Don't call offenses the principal differences. If
even shadow of annoyance or bitterness is alive - there's no
forgiveness in you.
  Said on revolting of spirit, not on the emotions and passions.
  Leave the heavy burden - go lightly, don't stumble over garbage
of the past: it's only stones of your personal growth.
  Look around: your intercourse was rare and little, partly fussy,
because held in passing by. Did continuously sound by this a tuning-
fork of mutual good wishing? Didn't you confuse sharp sight with a
distrust and suspect? Can you vouch that your subconsciousness isn't
heavied by other mood - grief, emotional experience, ordinary life,
house. Can you really catch your every thought and feeling in every
moment? Haven't you converted in your perception seriousness to a
rigidness, persistence to a intolerance and seed of quarrel, self-
confidence - to ambition?
  All your property-related pretensions and division of a whole
come from a mistrust and suspect which are pride based. Money is
only a consequence.
  Last years were for all, including the country and folks, were
like a vaccination against a hard disease. It's time to recover.
  Leave crooked mirrors - look at each another by a clear childs eye.
  Each of you has a possibility to begin a new life - in this life.
You may call it a period.
  Take care, lay down a stone.
  If someone will think that this is not about him, it means that he
looks at his image, not at himself. Check your degree of selfsincerity;
realization isn't equal to selfcondemnance and confusion. Look into
yourself tete-a-tete with yourself. Your defects aren't equal to
your Self. Leave.
  When you will be able to confess your errors to others without fear,
it would mean that you've eradicated.
  Selfrealization isn't equal to selfidentification. With anyone at
all. Build today's yourself - future man will grow.
  A relation circles of constant members are created among you. Look,
didn't became these circles closed? Make difference between concentra-
tion on action and isolateness. Aren't you afraid of newcomers? How
many of those who came only once are gone? By what have you repel
them? By silence? Misconcentration? Lack of attention? Being too busy?
Diligent preaching? Or maybe you didn't ask whether your help is re-
quired?.. It's a your wastefulness which leaved you without helpers.
What happened with these people now?
  There's no aliens for you, regardless of creed as a consonant form
of the Path. Though they may regard you as aliens. If have separated -
it's personally you who didn't find a common language. Seek, what
drives them and you'll find the key.
  Against the objections: there's a measure - an open heart. It will
never lie. Those may deceive: mind, emotions, passion, even in kind
of momentary disbalance.
  When reading, discussing and explaining, you take only a part and
are busy mostly with own growth. But there are lot of concrete tasks
on the pages of Teaching. Don't be confused, start them, look for
people - there's a lot of them and they're ready, though maybe haven't
even heard about the Teaching.
  Mistrust is responsibility.
  Trust is also your personal responsibility, especially if you see
that the man couldn't manage. Each time one has to find an individual
degree of trust. Trust will wing a newcomer and make him believe in
himself. Make a gift of selfconfidence to people. It will grow up
maybe after a years. No one good seed will be lost. Flowers and trees
grow even on the stones. Speak not with images of people, but with
people. There's no place for stereotypes in expanded consciousness.
  Don't wait for instant transfiguration. One who doesn't believe in
the others really wants they instantly changed.
  When studying: you think on yourself both too much and too little.
More often you're reviewing the images from life, experiencing new
time. Not one time - and through the years. Main point here is ab-
sence of analysis, search and understanding of the causes and driving
motives. If you recollect, it means - haven't realized the dominant
tone which brings a dissonance, little by little and imperceptibly.
Especially it includes relations with people - much forces and time
are spent for emotional experience but there's a little of movement.
One should learn to think - otherwise there's a much feeling and
a little of knowledge. Feelings are unrealized thoughts. Emotions
are unrealized fears. Make difference.
  You can test yourself: take a blank sheet of paper and write down
all the phrases from Teaching, in that sequence as you recollect them.
There other words can arise, up to quotes from songs and someone's
retorts. It will be your today's scale of personal significance, the
personal context. Look, what makes it important for you. Maybe it
will only remind a situation, or keyword sounds very loud? Where is
it from, which thoughts and feelings being born? Such a way you'll
comprehend which place takes the Teaching in yourselves. Imagine -
if you already can - what sounds in your interviewer, and a main
point - why. It is said about a difficulty of understanding and search
of common language. Even among the adherents.
  You'll not understand each another and will pass by like a strangers,
if you won't respect a spark of light in EACH man.
  To instruct isn't equal to teach. Explain, how to a child. From
height and haughtily - aren't the same things.
  Don't afraid to return where you've got a rejection. A few can
hear from a first time.
  But before the requests propose at first your help. Don't wait for
a first step from others. Do yourself. Learn without rushing about
and doubts because these are from fear of being not accepted and mis-
understood, from doubt in other which really is your own doubt, a
mistrust to your skill to know people. Search the keys.
  Before asking for help (you can call it for yourself "proposal of
collaboration") check, have you done all the possible yourself, maybe
your own lack of skill and knowledge interfered a useful business?
Your doubt in yourself, in others or in necessity of the deed? Comp-
lains and regrets instead of thinking on plan?
  Collaboration should not load a burden in the one of sides. There's
a disrespect to other. Check yourself.
  Begin each appreciation from yourself: don't blame others - no one,
don't condemn, otherwise you'll become a destroyer.
  Who has added even a little disturbance because of lack of know-
ledge - go and correct. There will be a joy.
  Contrary movement is a one of main cosmic laws. Don't break.
  Before joining ask again yourself - not other - will you endure?
If you fall behind, it isn't a trouble. The main point is not to
run away. From a benevolent pause durating moment or year, an in-
tent to movement will grow. I don't mean a pause in selfperfection.
  There's only one priority - to bring more benefit without comparing
with another one's contribution.
  All said above is about verges of your Culture.
  It's time to build a house of mutual understanding.
  Take the best in you and in others and a grain of sand will convert
to a reliable stone, candle flames - to a clear light.
  I believe that these words won't seem out of place.
  Let only love and carefulness sound in your heart.
  Learn to love.                                    Joy - to all.

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