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Re: Hodson & Science

Sep 21, 1996 07:32 PM
by m.k. ramadoss

Hi, Ann:

I enjoyed your post.

    Peace to all living beings.

    M K Ramadoss

On Sat, 21 Sep 1996, Ann E. Bermingham wrote:

> Chuck the Heretic:
> >So to get back to the original discussion, I do not deny that Hodson was
> >actually clairvoyant nor do I contend that all clairvoyants are crazy.  Dora
> >Kunz is one of the sanest people I know (and maybe one of the few sane people
> >I know). . . Or to put it bluntly, if you think I make fun of Robert Muller,
> just think of
> >what I would be doing with Master Pollidentus if I were doing this fifty years
> ago.
> >One of the problems with Geoffrey Hodson may be that a good satirist never
> heard of him
> >while he was in his prime, but then humor is not a common thing in Theosophy,
> >(though to his lasting credit John Algeo does try) witness the lame attempts
> >at it in the notorious Hodge Podge Lodge that we in the US section are forced
> >to endure at every convention.
> >One of the things I've discovered as I do my own research is that we need our
> >skeptics and people to find things funny about us to keep us from believing
> >our own press releases.
> >Hodson probably could have benefited from someone who would have given him a
> >good kick in the rear every now and then just to remind him that he was still
> >human.
> Why not apply for the job?  Hodson may have passed on, but I'm sure there are
> plenty of other TS members that would qualify for some rear-end reality
> training, humorous critiqueing and down-to-earth skepticism.  They might even
> install you in their home, so you could be there at a moment's notice to show
> them the error of their ways.
> Then, again, why bother?  There's no money, name or fame in criticizing a bunch
> of Theosophists.   Why not take those razor sharp perceptions and scientific
> know-how and apply them to the computer industry!  Every one knows how defective
> softwere is these days. (At this very moment, my husband is sending off a nasty
> email to Corel.)  Bone up on programming and networking and sell your services
> to the highest bidder.  Who knows, even Bill Gates might give you a call.  ; - )
> -Ann E. Bermingham

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