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Re: Hodson & Science

Sep 21, 1996 11:39 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

Chuck the Heretic:
>So to get back to the original discussion, I do not deny that Hodson was
>actually clairvoyant nor do I contend that all clairvoyants are crazy.  Dora
>Kunz is one of the sanest people I know (and maybe one of the few sane people
>I know). . . Or to put it bluntly, if you think I make fun of Robert Muller,
just think of
>what I would be doing with Master Pollidentus if I were doing this fifty years
>One of the problems with Geoffrey Hodson may be that a good satirist never
heard of him
>while he was in his prime, but then humor is not a common thing in Theosophy,
>(though to his lasting credit John Algeo does try) witness the lame attempts
>at it in the notorious Hodge Podge Lodge that we in the US section are forced
>to endure at every convention.
>One of the things I've discovered as I do my own research is that we need our
>skeptics and people to find things funny about us to keep us from believing
>our own press releases.
>Hodson probably could have benefited from someone who would have given him a
>good kick in the rear every now and then just to remind him that he was still

Why not apply for the job?  Hodson may have passed on, but I'm sure there are
plenty of other TS members that would qualify for some rear-end reality
training, humorous critiqueing and down-to-earth skepticism.  They might even
install you in their home, so you could be there at a moment's notice to show
them the error of their ways.

Then, again, why bother?  There's no money, name or fame in criticizing a bunch
of Theosophists.   Why not take those razor sharp perceptions and scientific
know-how and apply them to the computer industry!  Every one knows how defective
softwere is these days. (At this very moment, my husband is sending off a nasty
email to Corel.)  Bone up on programming and networking and sell your services
to the highest bidder.  Who knows, even Bill Gates might give you a call.  ; - )

-Ann E. Bermingham

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