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Re: Hodson (Ex: Angels & Communication)

Sep 19, 1996 03:35 AM
by Murray Stentiford

At 05:29 PM 18/09/96 -0400, you wrote:

>You bring up a pile of interesting things.
>My hope is that the more we can analyze the electrical activity in the
>brain, the sooner we can prove clairvoyance and disprove some of the
>nonsense surrounding it.

I'm all for dispelling nonsense.

>The ultimate goal is to have instruments that can take what
>the brain sees and make video recordings of it.  I have been told that
>such instruments do, in fact, exist, but they are kept under tight control
>by various defense agencies.

Yes, they're probably $50,000,000 a pop. There are some amazing technologies
around now, for "visualizing" brain function, and some amazing things coming
out from it all, already. So much has been discovered in just the last 5
years or so, and apparently researchers are expecting it to snowball.

>Then maybe we can finally get to the truth of all this.

Ah, yes. Nearer, ever nearer.


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