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Re: Hodson's standing

Sep 18, 1996 08:09 AM
by m.k. ramadoss

On Wed, 18 Sep 1996, K. Paul Johnson wrote:

> Can anyone fill us in on the standing of Hodson in the TS/ES?
> Many of his books were published by TPH, but he seems to have
> fallen out of favor.  The impression I get is that Radha's
> accession meant a reform in the ES, which no longer promoted
> this kind of psychism.
> Who were his friends, who his enemies in the Theosophical world?

     I do not think there are any enemies in the Theosophical World. As
far as I know, even today, he is highly regarded by Theosophists all over
the world. Many are those who have much benefitted by his writings,
lectures etc. He worked many years incessantly travelling and lecturing
all over the world and has lead the School of Wisdom at Adyar, several
years ago.

    From what I know, he is a worker and not involved in any of the TS
administrative matters.

	MK Ramadoss

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