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Watkins Bookshop

Sep 18, 1996 08:59 AM
by wichm

Alan's reminiscenses brought back a flood of memories!
I think that Watkins played from the beginning of the century a vital part
in bringing together people with spiritual interests. I thought that John
Watkins was a Theosophist. I recall seeing a portrait of HPB there.
According to the Encyclopedia of Occultism and Parapsychology Geoffrey
Watkins was next to organizer of the bookshop publisher of occult and
metaphysical books.
"The bookshop has long been a meeting place for leading personalities in
occult sciences. Mr. Watkins father started in 1894 and was a close friend
of Madame Blavatsky, c.G.Jung, Aldous Huxley, W.B.Yeats and Aleister Crowley."
I remember myself fondly the long lists of second hand books they sent out
in the fifties (and may be later). One could order books for a few
shillings. Gone are these times. See what prices are now being asked there
for the same books -almost a hundredfold.
I liked the photo on your page and wonder what books might have been
expected in the window at that time.
Atlantis Bookshop in Museum Street retained a bit of the atmosphere of olden
Michael Rogge

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