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Sep 08, 1996 05:23 PM
by ArtHouse

A comment on the discussion about communication:

As a medium of social exchange we do have to share some sort of
agreement in time, as to what words mean, in order to be able to
understand each other even a little. That "agreement" can make words
appear opaque as it is largely taken for granted and often
unconfirmed. It's a root cause of many of our misunderstandings.
Wouldn't you agree?

But words are not as opaque as they appear. Take a simple word like
"love". We encounter it at a young age and with it a certain meaning
(a gift from our social/cultural heritage). As we progress in our
lives and gain experience, that little word and the simple glyph that
represents it can often have the bottom fall out and take on extended
meanings of both nuanced and profound significance. This ability for
open endedness and expansion, which can happen for us personally each
time we have a new experience, is one of the most wonderful reflectors
of our growth.

It follows that mindful use of language via the spoken and written
word can be in itself a great gift of service.

A deep meditation on the word "I", for instance, and the silence that
proceeds it, can be of unestimable value. Clues and hints abound in
the literature that can help us penetrate to exquisite interior
processes whereby spiritual value can be represented and communicated
by the very thought of who we are.

Language, whether it be thought, spoken or written, has its origin in
the Logos.



Once again, I invite you all to a web exhibition of artwork based on
some theosophical ideas at:

P.S. Can anyone fill me in on the relation between the Theosphical
Society and Alice Bailey, the nature of their schism and any official
TS stance on her teachings to date? Also the same regarding the I AM
Movement of Guy and Edna Ballard in the 1930's, The Bridge to Freedom
and the Summit Lighthouse organization of Mark and Elizabeth Prophet?

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