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Re: Communication

Sep 11, 1996 01:04 PM
by Bee Brown

At 07:18 PM 08/09/96 -0400, you wrote:
>A comment on the discussion about communication:
>As a medium of social exchange we do have to share some sort of
>agreement in time, as to what words mean, in order to be able to
>understand each other even a little. That "agreement" can make words
>appear opaque as it is largely taken for granted and often
>unconfirmed. It's a root cause of many of our misunderstandings.
>Wouldn't you agree?
>But words are not as opaque as they appear. Take a simple word like
>"love". We encounter it at a young age and with it a certain meaning
>(a gift from our social/cultural heritage). As we progress in our
>lives and gain experience, that little word and the simple glyph that
>represents it can often have the bottom fall out and take on extended
>meanings of both nuanced and profound significance. This ability for
>open endedness and expansion, which can happen for us personally each
>time we have a new experience, is one of the most wonderful reflectors
>of our growth.
>It follows that mindful use of language via the spoken and written
>word can be in itself a great gift of service.
>A deep meditation on the word "I", for instance, and the silence that
>proceeds it, can be of unestimable value. Clues and hints abound in
>the literature that can help us penetrate to exquisite interior
>processes whereby spiritual value can be represented and communicated
>by the very thought of who we are.
>Language, whether it be thought, spoken or written, has its origin in
>the Logos.

Once I may have agreed with the above idea but since taking an interest in
General Semantics etc, I would no longer agree that language originates in
the Logos. Once we check out from this plane of density then language is not
necessary for exchanging meaningful energy. Like JRC's angel communication
seems to show, there are many ways of communicating outside the structure of
language even before we depart for the higher planes. The Logos may be
thought of as issuing pure light which gets stepped down through the planes
and the various beings inhabiting them and by the time it gets to us, it has
of necessity become much diluted and we have to formulate language to be
able to discuss it. Somehow understanding can happen without words but often
proves very difficult to translate into language.
I have read the idea that we do not really have many thought of our own as
most of what we think about is wafted in from the thought world and we find
thoughts in our mind and assume we have thought them. Thoughts are attracted
magnetically so that like attracts like and that is why we can evolve ideas
etc from the general thought world. I am still thinking!!!!! about that idea.

Bee Brown
Member Theosophy NZ, TI.

Logic is a systematic method of coming to
the wrong conclusion with confidence.

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