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Reply to Ann on Virag - Divine Indifference

Sep 08, 1996 08:52 AM
by Keith Price

I am having trouble with my computer so I can't copy and save and paste very
well, but I read again what I replied to Ann regard Virag and I didn't like what
I said (which isn't unusual since I am really brainstorming rather than setting
out a final statement for once and all, as I am a student trying to learn etc.)

Anyway, Ann pointed out that by taking a Cosmic perspective to pleasure and
pain, we detach from both or see their unity in the purpose of teaching lessons
( I think this is what you said).

I think this is getting to the crucial point about killing out desire, it isn't
killing out desire, but detaching from the lower identification with MY desire,
MY pain and gaining a lareger perspective of OUR pain, OUR gain and finally the
Larger Will.

I would like to suggest that what we are trying to identify with something
called Aviletokesvara (the Lord Looking Down) is just this, the Monad, but
ultimately not MY Mondad, but THE MONAD. When this perspective relieves one of
the forced selfish perspective of the fighting lower bodies, one is liberated
from their bondage.

This Divine Indiffernce could if not checked lead some to the "repent now, the
end is near" approach or even "I am the One. the teacher of the will of God."  I
think this is why killing out desire for gain of personal power for the ego is
alway stated so rigourously and why the occult is so rightly considered
"dangerous".  Jung always wondered if he was doing the right thing, by talking
about such large issues and always talkied about the phenomenon of Self or
Self-as-it-appears-in human consciousness  rather the nomenon of Self
orSelf-as-it really is.

Keith Price

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