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Acknowledging Our Link to the Monad-Self-Silence

Sep 08, 1996 08:51 AM
by Keith Price

I have heard that the ancient wisdom is really a study of consciousness, as
opposed to science as a study of the physica (outter) l world.  By meditation,
the Ancient Masters turned consciousness on itself to retrace its divine
origins.  The tradition was largely oral in ancient times as few knew how to
write.  The teaching was direct from teacher to pupil.  If the tradition was
written, it took the form of symbols such as in astrology, numerology,
hieroglyphs, and artistic representation.  Senzar, I would suggest, is probably
HPB's term for number and symbol systems in general and not really a specific
"language", certainly not a spoken one anyway.  Sanscrit , I believe has a lot
of these "spiritual" qualities as does Hebrew in the tradition of the Cabala.

Thus, in a very introverted way, by detaching from the measuring, rational,
senses, the ancients created a type of system of divine manifestaion based on
the results of examing their own consciousnesses.  Number precedes form and name
abd thus we got the Ideal World of platonic forms or archetypes which can be
glimpsed best not as physical things but in number and logical relations to our
rational mind.

The emptiness manifested the One (Monad).  This implied the One and not-One or
the Duad.  The triad resolved the conflict, yet implied there were other
combinations in manifestation and thus four is the symbol of conflct and matter.
FIve is the symbol of mind, manas, maya and man.  Six provides a  resolution of
material receptivityand Seven rises above as devine container of the whole

As above, so below implied that these truths could be projected outward.  Thus
the planets and constellations recieved the projections of the inner truth of
introverted consciousness and provided a rational for the link of the divine
will from inside to the outside as opposed to as often thought that the planets
"cause" things or are gods or active beings.  The whole system is rather a
participation mystique, as so many have said where there is no inner or outter
but only a grand unity participating in and through man, but which man submits
to rather than be in control of.

Sience used the logic of this introverted process and learned to look out first
to gain verification and repeated instances of a coorelation between what
happens again and again in cyles and my sense data recorded in some form so as
to control nature.

The monand becomes the pristine, untouchable spiritual force which radiates the
whole number system and manifestation without being effected by it (this attempt
at control had given science the black eye of "black magic" to some who would
only like to co-exist with the whole system rather than try to control it),

The sun is a type of lesser monad for our solar system radiating energy that
creates life and gravity and thus allows the sparks from its flame to exist as
planets in orbs of  relationship.  It also radiates all seven of the divine ray
energies of will, compasion, wisdom, harmony, rational mind, love and physical
activivity.  Thus the earth relates not only through gravity but in love, wisdom
and mental ways too according to this model.  The globe of the earth is seven
globes that interpenetrate each other vivified by the monad of the sun which we
have in lesser form in our own seven-level consciousness.

HPB seems to suggest in Voice of the Silence that by using the keys appropriate
to each level, we are able to travel back to the divine unity as identify
ourselves as the Monad and never separtate from it except in our attention
throught he lower bodies.

    Macrocosm  - MONDAND - Microcosm  is a trinity in unity which we feel at
once as conflict in separateness and bliss in unity.  Time and space are like a
balloon a single expression full of the hot air  of maya.

I think Ken WIlber has said it many time that split in science and higher wisdom
is a problem of level.  The lower did not manifest the higher nor could it
recognize it if it did.  Thus the Monad of man's mind can link to the physical
sun and the other radiations not physical but still expression of the one
central Monad which everything partakes of, but nothing is.

Keith Price

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