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Re: Killing Desire

Sep 08, 1996 05:39 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

>You seem to be implying a kind of imitation Christi or identification with the
>Master, in the sense that we look down on earth through the eyes of a Higher
>Self and see things from a Cosmic perspective.  I think we get this in
>meditation, don't you?

I meant no ID with a Master or anyone else.  Just from the level of the Higher
Self, as you say.  In meditation, yes, but it can also be done by remembering to
lift our vision in our everyday activities and have it influence our
relationships for the better.

>I guess a spiritual practice along these lines would be to walk in the steps of
>the Master, see with his eyes, hear with her ears, touch with his hands, think
>with her thoughts and desire and will with humanitarian benevolence.

I have a problem with identifying with the Masters.  I personally believe that
They want us to "hoe our own row."  Why bother with an intermediary when you
could have intimate contact with your very own higher self/soul?  My methodology
is to be the hands, eyes and ears of the Soul, manifesting itself on the earth
through my personality.

-Ann E. Bermingham

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