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The Voice Remembered

Sep 06, 1996 09:14 PM
by Keith Price

I have share this before, but I remember one of the most powerful experiences of
the Voice for me was when I was in High School.  It was pretty dreary and
everyone was really into the kama-manas of dating and all that.  I  remember
being suddenly getting an intuitive insight regarding the graph x and y axis of
the Cartesiam coordinate system.  The origin that goes in positve and negative
direction to infinity, yet the positve and negative infinites magically
transform into one another somewhere out there kind of gave me a feeling that I
was reading an ancient religious language with my inner eye.  The graph was a
rational mandala that I needed at that precise moment to let myself know that I
would survive acne and the High School prom after all.    I kept this a secret
guiding image of an adolescent "gnosis" from a secret angel that I might receive
more info again.

When I was at another stressful point in early adulthood, I was
synchronistically exposed to the  chart as map of the Soul, as blueprint of our
purpose.  I have continued to overlay the above and below, off and on for many
years.  Again I receive a wink from something outside to something inside me
that my life had value despite the set back of career.  That I was more than a
corporate title.

I hear resonances in HPB's more poetic flying on the OM wings of the Hamsa bird
to the higher union of the Voice of the Silence.  I am still listening

Keith Price

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