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Active Listening to the VOS

Sep 06, 1996 08:59 PM
by Keith Price

I don't know if anyone is getting anything out of our  study of VOS?, but I am
in a synchronistic way.  Thanks Ann and Alan for hanging in in these strange
fussily active nervously busy days of Virgoan September.  The synchronism comes
with I have come across again many books old and new which are going into detail
that I didn't  see before regarding the Ancient Wisdom as encoded in numerology
and astrology from a soul basis.  Number symbolism as expressed in astrological
symbols echoes many of the idea HPB is using regarding the seven bodies and
entering into an active relationship with the Voice of the SIlence.  She states
flatly that she is putting in her own words what she remebers from tablets that
were largely astrological in symbolism (this Senzar thing).

In reading Sellon's "The Pilgrim and the Pilgramage" which all TS members got
free thanks ot a grant from her family , I have been reintroduced to the idea of
the MONAD as name for the Higher Self or Master or Voice of the SIlence.  This
more abstract concept without human personality (which largely seems to be those
old debil (sic) moon desires of food, sex, money, pleasure, self-agrandizement
and power anyway) provides something to link with and listen to in a less verbal

I mean if the Monad where going to break the silence, I doubt if it would speak
in the Queen's English echoing  bombastically through the Hall of Wisdom.  I
doubt the voice would be verbal or even rational-logical or even emotive.  I
think its vibrations would infill like a lightening flash our highest crown
chackra like a lotus recieving the light of the sun and we would echo with the
own rise in our kundalini like the sap of Amrita or immortality that makes one -
one - with the One in a linking of identities in mystical union.

I think most of us had similar experiences, in a limited way perhaps, and that
is why we study theosophy to provide a rational framework for our experiences of
the energy fields beyond our experience of everday life.

We have discussed this before, but I think it would be good to meditate on it
privately or share on theos-roots some experiences that one could class with
"listening to the Voice of the Silence".  These may have occured spontaneously
or even regularly in mediation or in childhood experices etc, dreams, astral

There is method in all this I hope, I got the idea which was my original
intention, to try to practice the VIrtues and renunciations, if only for a
limited time and in a limited way. I know this may negate the whole thing by
trying to manipulate the Divine in a ceremonial or superstitious way, but I
think the long term motive of closer and closer listening would override this if

i am really going to try to eat more fruits and vegetables, exercise, maybe get
a massage and spend a  lot of time in comtemplation.  I think the new age of
idea of be good to yourself, includes being good to your Self.  I mean if were a
Monad, I guess I wouldn't want a tired stressed-out  dirty body to unite with.
Pure thoughts, emotions and a willingness to give respect and kindness could
only help!  :)

Keith Price.

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