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The Voice in the Waves of Silence

Sep 06, 1996 11:15 PM
by Keith Price

In meditation, I have often felt a heavy feeling like being pressed down by
somekind of relaxing blissful wave like energy.  I felt as if I was floating
away in the seas of silence.  I felt as if my body, emotions and thoughts were
calmed, stilled, tranquilized.  I moved as if through a tunnel in a sea of
bliss, union and loving light.  I felt carried away on waves of some larger
ocean and was disidentified with my body, yet still aware of it.

I felt a tingling energy dance around my limbs and trunk.  It wasn't so much in
my head as in my body, yet not my physical body, but possibly my astral or
etheric body.  At this time thoughts would come up, problems and desires
concerning human relationships, but I choose to dive deeper into the waters.  I
didn't hear a voice, but felt more  the touch of the silence, a reassuring
holding and floating in a larger unity beyond the flux of the day.
It was a very Neptunian connection of dissolving of ego boundaries to soak up
the waves and let the flow through me.

HPB uses a lot of wave and water symbolism in THE VOICE OF THE SILENCE.  She

Thou shalt not separate thy being from BEING and the rest, but merge in the
Ocean in the frop, the drop within the Ocean......."Hast thou attuned thy hear
and mind to the great mind and heart of all mankind?  For as the sacred River's
roaring vice wherby all Nature-sound are echoed back , so must the heart of him
'who in the steam would enter.' thrill in response to every sigh and thought of
all that lives and breathes."  .......Thou hast to saturate thyself with pure
Alaya, become as one wiht Natue's Soul-Thought. At one with it thou are
invincible; in separation, thou becomest the playground of Samvriti, origin of
all the world's delucions. ......Know that the stream of super-human knowlege
the Deva-Wisdom thou hast won, must, from thyself the channel of Alaya, be pured
forth int another bed.....Its purefesh waters must be ued to sweeter make the
Ocean's bitte waves--the mighty sea of sorrow formed of the tears of men.  A
Pilgrim hath returned back from the other shore.


Keith:  I have responded to the water symbolism but she point out the four-fold
symbolism of earth, wind, fire and water.

HPB:  IN signs of praise both heaven and earth unite.  ANd from the four-fold
manifested Powers a chant of love ariseth, both from the flaming FIre and
flowing Water and from sweet-smelling Earth and rushing WInd.

Keith: The energies of our physical globe are present to our physical sense as
the four elements.  They have their astral and spiritual counterparts on the
globes of emotion, thinking, intuition and kinesthesia which presents themselves
in a different way to the inner senses of intuition.  Like elemental spirts one
can respond to the energy as fire, water, air or earth as waves of energy,
vibration, connection and crystallization.

Keith Price

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