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VOS - The seven portals

Sep 04, 1996 04:00 PM
by Keith Price

Seven bodies, seven sheaths, seven globes, seven portals, seven keys, seven
brides for seven brothers :)

The seven manifestations of the one life can be seen alternately as active and
passive in the involtuion of spirit into matter and the evoution of spirit out
of matter.  Actually the flow of energy up and down manifests in the cosmos as
Fohat and in our bodies as prana and manifested more directly as kundalini in
special enlightened states where the seven doors are opened by the seven keys
allowing a direct flow of the spiritual energy through the chackras or subtle
wheel/vortexes of the body.
Each level can be either shiva or shakit, idi or pingala for the flow of
spiritual energies.


HPB writes in VOICE OF THE SILENCE in the third and final section called, "the
seven portals" :

Thou seest well, Lanoo. These portals lead the aspirant across the
waters on "to the other shore". (7) Each Portal hath a golden key
that openeth its gate; and these keys are:
1. DANA, the key of charity and love immortal.
2. SHILA, the key of Harmony in word and act, the key that
counterbalances the cause and the effect, and leaves no further
room for karmic action. 3. KSHANTI, patience sweet, that nought can
4. VIRAGA, indifference to pleasure and to pain, illusion
conquered, truth alone perceived.
5. VIRYA, the dauntless energy that fights [51] its way to the
supernal TRUTH, out of the mire of lies terrestrial.
6. DHYANA, whose golden gate once opened leads the Narjol* {A
Saint, an Adept.} toward the realm of Sat eternal and its ceaseless
contemplation. 7. PRAJNA, the key to which makes of a man a God,
creating him a Bodhisattva, son of the Dhyanis.
Such to the Portals are the golden keys.
Before thou canst approach the last, O weaver of thy freedom, thou
hast to master these Paramitas of perfection - the virtues
transcendental six and ten in number - along the weary PATH.
For, O Disciple! before thou wert made fit to meet thy Teacher face
to face, thy MASTER light to light, what wert thou told?
Before thou canst approach the foremost gate thou has to learn to
part thy body from thy mind, to dissipate the shadow, and to live
in [52] the eternal. For this, thou hast to live and breathe in
all, as all that thou perceivest breathes in thee; to feel thyself
abiding in all things, all things in SELF.
Thou shalt not let thy senses make a playground of thy mind. Thou
shalt not separate thy being from BEING, and the rest, but merge
the Ocean in the drop, the drop within the Ocean.
So shalt thou be in full accord with all that lives; bear love to
men as though they were thy brother pupils, disciples of one
Teacher, the sons of one sweet mother.
Of teachers there are many; the MASTER-SOUL is one, (8) Alaya, the
Universal Soul. Live in that MASTER as ITS ray in thee. Live in thy
fellows as they live in IT.
Before thou standest on the threshold of the Path; before thou
crossest the foremost Gate, thou hast to merge the two into the One
and sacrifice [53] the personal to SELF impersonal, and thus
destroy the "path" between the two - Antaskarana. (9)
Thou hast to be prepared to answer Dharma, the stern law, whose
voice will ask thee at thy first, at thy initial step:
"Hast thou complied with all the rules, O thou of lofty hopes?
"Hast thou attuned thy heart and mind to the great mind and heart
of all mankind? For as the sacred River's roaring voice whereby all
Nature-sounds are echoed back, (10) so must the [54] heart of him
'who in the stream would enter' thrill in response to every sigh
and thought of all that lives and breathes".
Disciples may be likened to the strings of the soul-echoing Vina;
mankind, unto its sounding- board; the hand that sweeps it, to the
tuneful breath of the GREAT WORLD-SOUL.


The virtues open the laya centers so that the aspirants consciousness can move
from identification with the lower bodies as separate entities at war with each
other for the demands of their several desires, to a unity with the ONE that
contains them all and withe the WORLD SOUL with is the larger manifestation in
the COSMIC MAN or Adam Kadmaon of the several worlds now unified from a new
spiritual perspective on non-separateness, but of continual LIFE as WORLD

Keith Price

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