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VOS --The Two Paths

Sep 04, 1996 03:58 PM
by Keith Price

HPB writes in the second section of THE VOICE OF THE SILENCE CALLED: "The Two
Paths"  --

The Dharma of the "Eye" is the embodiment of the external and the non-existing.

The Dharma of the "Heart"  is the embodiment of Bodhi  (True, divine wisdom).
the permanent and everlasting.



Here we have the essense of dualism:  the external or eye or physical world is
maya (illlusory and temporary) while the inner heart sees the true divine
everlasting world of spirit.  However, when one has killed out desire, slayed
the slayer and stopped up the outter senses and turned inward to listen to the
VOICE of the Silence, the message seems to be that there is no dualism, that the
inner and outter are ONE LIFE and have never been separate.  It is only the
thought producer that cuts them into as subject and object.   There seems to be
these necessary processes of cutting into two and re-synthesizing back onto an
original primary Unity which now instills, infills  and transforms the
slayer-thought producer-lower manas, yet it is now infused with a new priority
to cut the cutter,  reunify the dualizer, or how about best of all:  KNOW THE

Keith Price

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