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Virgo looks at Seven Keys for Seven Portals

Sep 04, 1996 04:00 PM
by Keith Price

The doctrine of the seven layers or dimensions of manifest spirit in matter
cannot be grasped directly by language, but the truth of which is grasped in
Dharana, contemplation, meditation (according to HPB and many).  I have used
sexual imagery, so beloved of Scorpio aspects of personality who enjoy
eroticizing spirituality and spiritualizing eroticism, but have wondered in
humble Virgo with the vegetable world for imagery could come up with her own

Here is this Virgo's first attempt:

7- Atma - the seed as perfection of the purpose of  divine manifestation
6- bodhi - the tree with fruit
5- no real plant mind - as this is a human function
4 -kama manas - ( the first attempt at an animal type response of desire or
love)  the turning on the leaves toward the sun and the roots toward water
3- prana -(life body of sun energy as food)   the sap in the stalk from the
action of sunlight on chloryphyll
2 etheric -(the aura of the plant as electic type body) lingua shiria - the
x-ray-like plan of the plant that repairs damage  and guides the unfoldment of
the leaves and flowering parts.
!. physcial matter - (the mineral level)   the earth, fecund and primal, materia
prima, mater universalis
where the roots of the Spirt Plant reach deep into the matter of earth in order
to sustain the life that reaches to back to the SUN-One in oreder to manifest
the seed (the linking of Virgo to Scorpio through Libra.)

Keith Price

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