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Kill or remember memories of past lives

Aug 30, 1996 07:39 PM
by Keith Price

I think I'll buy Ann's interpretation on all this, in a general sense.
This "kill and control" mentality is typical of asceticism generally.
If we are to kill all memory of past experiences, then what is the point
of going deeply into the question of reincarnation, for example?



Well, I am finding for me that past lives remembered can want to live again.
There is much talk in the Quest about the dangers of meditation as in
visualizing a chord connecting to the center of the earth, for example.  I am
finding that my past life experience as the the sick child has somewhat obsessed
and "possessed" me in my everyday reality.  I am trying to decide if I need to
get special help and feel I may be in what Cristina Grof calls a "spiritual
emergency" of sorts.  It seems we may forget past lives for very, very good
reasons.  Perhaps the mad houses are full of people overwhelmed by past life
memories and psychological rememnants pushing there way into the present.  Maybe
it is best to look forward to humanity as a whole rather than dwelling
self-centeredly on a so-called "past life".  Yet there is a certain fatedness in
all this.  Who said amor fati? Love your fate, it is your inescapapable duty,
your dharma, your mission.

Keith Price

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