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Reply to Liesel

Aug 30, 1996 07:47 PM
by Keith Price


Come to think of it, on the other hand, we're taught that we incarnate to
learn. If we kill out all desires & experiences, then we'll make the same
mistakes over again next time. That makes me even more in favor of talking
to it & about it, & changing how you think about it rather than killing it
out. If you change it, then you remember approximately what it was like
before you changed it, & why you were motivated to change it.



I don't know if this is what your are getting at, but you have made me think
about killing out ATTACHMENT to my desires, my past lives, my experiences and
let them die to a DETACHMENT that includes humanity's desires, humanity's future
lives, and experiences.  When the ego is blown out, the being can choose Nirvana
or Emptiness or to help human evolution.  It seems that this is the goal of the
Arhat, Bodhisattva etc to wait till all sentient life no longer needs to work on
its individual self, but has returned to the Universal Self, which we experience
dimly and remotely through the thing termed the Voice of the Silence.

Keith Price

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