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Slay the Slayer - or make friends?

Aug 30, 1996 07:30 PM
by Keith Price

 From my viewpoint, when you ready to give up the personality to the soul, it
won't seem lilke that.  It's just a natural giving up to the higher forces.
There is no violent sacrifice when you are doing something out of pure love.

-Ann E. Bermingham

I see your point, Ann.  I guess the term slay and kill the MIND is not really
the mind as consciousness, but the power it has to convince our real Selves that
it is Reality.  The thought producer covers too effectively the larger Cosmic
Mind beyond the sense and distracts us into our ego games.  I think I am hearing
that compassion (love) is the Great Purity that joins in a via positiva as
opposed to ascetism which is a via negativa.  I would choose love over ascetisim
anyday, but real compassion for humanity can be stiffled from my limited ego.
In meditation we can hear and link to the Voice and the slaying and killing of
the lower bodies becomes lost in our new concentration on the One.  Our thoughts
compete with the Voice of the Silence.  Maybe for the Master, the lower thought
producer is  transformed and the Slayer can be a new friend and tool as in
artistic creation for example.

Keith Price

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