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Re: authorial reluctance (reply to Kim)

Aug 26, 1996 04:35 PM
by Martin_Euser

<big snip>

>Do you mean you know less known sutras?

Kim>  Not necessarily less known, but what I believe to be a real description
of the philosophy is found in the shukaanuprashnaH in the Mokshadharma
parva of the Mahabharata. It makes it clear (with the shorter remarks in
Bhagavad Gita) that there existed 2 schools - the sa.nkhya and the yogins.
The 3 parvas Bhagavad gita, Anugita and mokshadharma are of the highest
quality, and this fact alone makes me trust them to a high degree.

	I know the first two parvas you mention and agree to their
quality. The Gita is one of the most powerful spiritual messages I've
ever come across. I don't know the mokshadharma. Is it available
as a separately published book?
(I particularly like WQ Judges comments to the Gita
[a Theosophy Company publishment]. A strong spiritual vibration can be
clearly experienced when one attunes to the spirits behind this book)

Kim> Interestingly the yogins had a system of philosophy (far
beyond the human character)
	If it's far beyond the human character, why would they have it
and of what consisted this system?


Kim>My point here is the striking similarity between the most ancient ideas on
these subjects and the modern. Understanding is a process of course, and a
long one in spiritual matters.


In friendship,


In friendship,


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