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RE: authorial reluctance (reply to Kim)

Aug 27, 1996 04:33 PM
by Kim Poulsen

>I know the first two parvas you mention and agree to their
>quality. The Gita is one of the most powerful spiritual messages I've
>ever come across. I don't know the mokshadharma. Is it available
>as a separately published book?

  Not to my knowledge. The mokshadharma parva itself contains several high
quality pieces, not the least of which is Vyasa's instruction to his son.
The best chance is to get a whole translation of the Mahabharata - like the
excellent on by M.N.Dutt ("Mahabharata", Parimal Publications, Delhi 1988,
ISBN 81-7110-068-6) at only 2500 rupees for 7 volumes (something around 70
dollars US). It is very good and retains the verse structure, something
which is vital to the understanding, as every student of the Bhagavad Gita
knows. In fact, I'm looking for a set myself. Unfortunately the various
texts are not identified in this translation, but this may be a minor
problem. Worse, it is a translation of the Calcutta edition which differs
somewhat from the commonly used critical Poona edition (it becomes annoying
when comparing with the text).
   For the text itself (Poona edition) it is available on the net in ITRANS
format (both devanagari and transliterated).
  BTW, I'm a great fan of the lectures on the BG by T. Subba Row.

>>Kim> Interestingly the yogins had a system of philosophy (far
>>beyond the human character)
>	If it's far beyond the human character, why would they have it
>and of what consisted this system?

    There was a big piece missing there. Either it remained in my brain or
in deep cyberspace. What I ment was the yogins had a system dealing with
universal principles reaching far beyond human principles and the workings
of the forces in the human character.
   Very strange. Surprising that you made an attempt to understand my
meaning! (The idea I had in my mind was the comment  in a ML, that the
human principles cannot be studied apart from the universal, a point very
often forgot in study, I fear.)

In friendship,


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