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To: Ken, Re: Voice of the Silence

Aug 26, 1996 10:51 AM
by liesel f. deutsch

        >The modern view is to sit down with your
>desires and sins and have a nice chat.

I agree. I think if you sit down & talk with them or about them, they're
much more likely to fall into line than if you come at them with a sword,
and "charge!". I think it's true that like Krishamurti says (& the Roshis
say) you ought to be able to see what your face was like before you were
born, and that would give you greater insight into the why of your desires &
sins. If you could get rid of all the stupid things you do because of the
way the grown ups around you treated you when you were little, and because
of what was generally happening around you, (like I was born into an
apartment shortage, which had certain effects on my behavior, & my husband
was born in a war zone.) you might rend quite a few more veils of your own
Maya. But as Freud found out, this is very difficult; and as his successors
found out, if overdone, this can be more destructive than beneficial. At
times, I've worked real hard at trying to find my face before I was born,
and I've gotten some results towards the desired ends. Now that I'm older,
I've come to the conclusion that I'll just get rid of what I can get rid of
(or clarify) without too much trouble, and maybe another day I'll be able to
get rid of (or clarify) something else. If not, then not. Why fight? As my
Teacher Harry said "lift one veil and there's another behind it."


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