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Re: Robert Muller & the WCC

Aug 26, 1996 11:03 AM
by Patrick Alessandra Jr.

As may be known to some on this list I worked at the Robert Muller
school in the mid 80's and did (I say this simply to point out the truth
of the matter) much of the work (both in esoteric psychology education
and astrochemistry [see links to my home page]) that they are now
publishing claiming to be their group work.  Although that organization
did in the beginning have great potential they did succumb to the same
old  authoritarian control and manipulation/deception that have
corrupted so many groups.  I had a falling out with them in the late
80's because of this and I do agree (but wishing it were otherwise) that
many in that movement and throughout the range of what is called the
N.G.W.S. (a good organization at heart) are deluded into thinking that
some form of international UN controlled gov't will "save" the world.
The perspective of correct solution, having to do with freedom and
responsibility, on these matters is, I believe, as described at

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