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to Ken: Re: Midsummer madness

Aug 26, 1996 10:18 AM
by liesel f. deutsch

> Purity and power rarely go together. Power
>corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, as the saying goes.   I guess
>this is why Blavatsky harps on purity of motive free from selfishness, egotism
>and hedonism  when contacting spiritual energies available to the Silent
>Listener to the Voice of the Silence.

Dear Ken,

You've hit on what I consider a very important point. If you read Annie
"The Path to Discipleship", you'll note that ethics are a big factor in what
you're supposed to learn, along with the wisdom & the spiritual techniques
that give you power. I think no one is ever initiated who has not also
acquired a certain amount of ethical beliefs and behavior ... who's well
schooled in Ahimsa, who has trained him(her)self in the practice of it.
Esoteric powers, knowledge, need to be used only with love and "for the
benefit of mankind" (or a part thereof). People who become corrupted by
power aren't initiated into the deep spiritual secrets of the universe,
because as much care as possible is taken that they're only used for the
good. Also, most often, people who aren't apritually advanced enough, don't
understand the voice of the silence, or only partly understand what it
means. I'm not talking so much from experience now, as from what I've been
told to expect.

Hope this clarifies.


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