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Re: Nuclei - Clones of Elitist Brotherhood?

Aug 21, 1996 04:35 PM
by Alan

In message <960821203813_72723.2375_FHP60-1@CompuServe.COM>, "Ann E.
Bermingham" <> writes
>>Very appropriate comment.  I think this is my individual karma and I would
>>suggest it is shared with many of those with pluto in Leo (baby boomers).  We
>>have a deep need from past lives to express ourselves at all cost in perhaps a
>>self-important "royal" manner with little concern for the people we are
>>suppposedly trying to reach.

>> One astrologer has suggested that Pluto in Leo
>>suggests that those of us with this plane strong in our chart in this sign were
>>incarnated together during the Age of Leo (in the precession of the equinoxes
>>system).  We had an Atlantis type mentality of using power for selfish ends

>>>more snip<<<
>>Thus our goal is supposedly to overcome selfishness and direct current
>>technology to the creation of a New World Order of peace, prosperity and group
>>experiences of spirituality on a global scale through computers perhaps thus
>>ushering in the Age of Aquarius.
>Hmm.  Sounds good to me and also sounds a bit like TI.

I got Pluto in Cancer - does that mean I don't qualify? [sob]
>> The Group Planetary energy would be controlled, acknowledged and directed by a
>connection >of the GROUP to the DIVINE PURPOSE.
> It gets even better!
>>The voice is a spiritual voice beyond the individual or cultural subconsious

Indeed it does!

>>>Ye further snippe<<<
>That's my favorite interpretation.  Rather than billions of people following and
>adoring one individual and looking up to that person for enlightenment and

I get so fed up with being adored by the millions, don't you? :-)))

>minimize astral glamour on the planet, by clearing
>it from themselves.

I'm all for that!

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