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Re: Nuclei - Clones of Elitist Brotherhood?

Aug 21, 1996 01:38 PM
by Ann E. Bermingham

>Very appropriate comment.  I think this is my individual karma and I would
>suggest it is shared with many of those with pluto in Leo (baby boomers).  We
>have a deep need from past lives to express ourselves at all cost in perhaps a
>self-important "royal" manner with little concern for the people we are
>suppposedly trying to reach.

I'm getting a little tired of the boomers being ragged on.  Consider the
generations before the boomers - they had WW I & II, the Depression, the
oppression of women and various racial groups.  I don't think the boomers are
any better or worse than any large group incarnating at a particular time in
history.   In fact, by saying so, one is fulfilling the boomers supposed "need"
to be special and stand out in a crowd.  Stand out?  Heck, we ARE the crowd!

Who are the people we are trying to reach?  Why are we trying to reach them and
what for?

> One astrologer has suggested that Pluto in Leo
>suggests that those of us with this plane strong in our chart in this sign were
>incarnated together during the Age of Leo (in the precession of the equinoxes
>system).  We had an Atlantis type mentality of using power for selfish ends
>without acknowledging to ourselves where it can from (the Divivne Sun through
>crystals etc) or where it was going and who it was affecting leading to the
>of the submersion of Atlantis due to "black magic".

(That ole black magic has me in a spell . . . )

Excuse me.  I believe the Age of Leo extended to the Egyptian empire as well,
meaning that the First Ray was the order of the day.  I agree that probably many
former Atlanteans have come back again to see if they can get it right this
time.  Cayce had quite a bit to say about that.  Any kind of power, whether it
be magical, technological, monetary or just plain vanilla physical is hard to
resist not using for one's own end.  One can also convince oneself that one's
vision of the universe is the right one for mankind.  Then its full speed ahead
- let's make sure everybody share the vision or gets hung from the rafters.
Power is a terrific temptation.

>Thus our goal is supposedly to overcome selfishness and direct current
>technology to the creation of a New World Order of peace, prosperity and group
>experiences of spirituality on a global scale through computers perhaps thus
>ushering in the Age of Aquarius.

Hmm.  Sounds good to me and also sounds a bit like TI.

> The Group Planetary energy would be controlled, acknowledged and directed by a
connection >of the GROUP to the DIVINE PURPOSE.

 It gets even better!

>The voice is a spiritual voice beyond the individual or cultural subconsious
>seeks to connect with the spiritual plan for the path our planet and the next
>stage of humanity as trully a practical and spiritual brotherhood. Big
>Bailey seem to really run with the idea of the WORLD TEACHER as not a person or
>Avatar type incarnation, but a WORLD ENSOULMENT through meditation and psychic
>linking, perhaps.

That's my favorite interpretation.  Rather than billions of people following and
adoring one individual and looking up to that person for enlightenment and
answers, they would looking inside themselves and cooperating as a group.
Acording to Bailey's "The Rays and The Initiations", millions will have taken
the first initiation by the year 2025, which would mean large groups of
inidividuals in whom "the Christ was born in their hearts."  Now it would be
their job to manifest it and minimize astral glamour on the planet, by clearing
it from themselves.

Maybe Krishnamurti saw something when he refused the mantle of world teacher,
seeing that it would have hindered rather than helped.

-Ann E. Bermingham

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