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Aug 21, 1996 01:40 PM
by Uri Macnev


* Forwarded by Uri Macnev
* From : Kay Ziatz
Subj: Languages


m> This would mean that these masters(Egypt & Tibet) learnt English in the
m> same pace as Mme. Blavatsky did! I wonder whether you have read the early
 Mahatmas don't belong to humanity more, they belong to a hie-
rarchy.  But they have to use human bodies to communicate.  We
people are more perfect beings than animals, but if incarnated
in animal bodies we probably could be not very skilled animals.
We (IV-th realm of nature) have our own physical bodies and can
handle with animals without incarnating in animal bodies. But a
V-th realm, hierarchy, hasn't their proper physical bodies and
have to use human ones.
     K.H. writes in one of his letters how he placed the impor-
tant letter off the bag and a goat had eaten it.  BTW,  if  HPB
want to create image of the "perfect mahatmas", she would never
write this episode.
     The second  important point is the following - when mahat-
mas were ordinary people, the human bodies were not so perfect,
as they are now. Look at the animals - they look more beautiful
than people,  run faster, etc.  When they individualize and got
human bodies,  these bodies will be much better than ours.  And
those of us who will got liberation will look funny when trying
to manage  these  nice  bodies - it's like car driver trying to
pilot airplane.
     The third important point - the monad  (i.e. "mahatma him-
self") and a higher self + physical body  (let's  call  it  the
"full contents of Master")  may not belong to the same man (how
HPB explains in vol.III about Buddha &  Shankaracharya  or  AAB
explains  on Jesus & Christ).  These two cases aren't similiar,
of course, but demonstrate that a free combination is possible.
And a lower personality may be not so advanced as a higher self.

m> I wonder whether you have read the early
m> communications from the Brotherhood of Luxor to HPB as related
     Maybe,  but i've read all the mahatma letters  (except one
published in this mail-list) only in russian translation.


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