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Re: Skandhas & Self-Awareness

Aug 21, 1996 04:15 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <960821211329_76400.1474_HHL71-1@CompuServe.COM>, Jerry
Schueler <> writes
>Taoist Yoga
>includes techniques for the circulation of chi/prana to form a subtle
>body (Golden Flower) that will transcend physical death.  Without
>this self-awareness, they maintain that reincarnation is impossible.
>I don't know how Theosophy would perceive this idea though.
>       Jerry S.
>       Member, TI

In ~The Secret of the Golden Flower~ (Wilhelm & Jung, I think) there is
a diagram of a mini-buddha "hovering" around the sahasrarsa chakra, and
from this one another seven (?) connect. [I no longer have a copy, but
remember trying to look down my nose at myself].  I have experienced the
single "hovering" state, but not the others.  This is a level of
awareness [short!] which is truly astounding, but which has no "vision"
in the usual sense, ie, no images to the mind.  Yet I was aware of
everone else in the room (about 50 of us) extremely vividly.  I guess
this was the "I" of "I am I" in an earlier post.

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