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Re: Reply to Chuck

Aug 21, 1996 05:36 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <960821211332_76400.1474_HHL71-2@CompuServe.COM>, Jerry
Schueler <> writes
>>Michael Bertieaux is in the TS????
>       This is hard to believe.  I was given a copy of his
>book (Magickal Childe) and found it to be "interesting."  Pictures
>may have improved it some, but I don't know.  Some of his
>material is hard to take, and I also had a hard time with the
>idea that he was Kenneth Grant's guru.  Small world, I guess.

 From the 1989 Supplement to my "Bishops Irregular":

(He was consecrated a [gnostic] bishop (!) in 1963 and again
in 1966, 1967 (twice), 1969, 1973 and 1979).

"BERTIAUX, Michael (Tau Ogdoade-Orfeo IV)          18.1.1935-
Mentioned in "Cults of the Shadow" by Kenneth Grant [Muller,
London, 1976]. A circular issued from M.S.R., Apartado 6559
C.C.I., Quito, Ecuador, dated December 28, 1984, e.v. [era
vulgaris] contains the following:

       Dear Fellow O.T.O. Members and Allied Thelemites,

       Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.
Greetings of the Winter Solstice! ..... To become a member of the
O.T.O.A. it is necessary to be a student of the M.S.R. or a chela
of the Master Michael Bertiaux ..... Love is the Law, love under
will. Yours fraternally ..... Tau Baphomet ..... S.G.M. in the

Students of occultism will recognise the familiar terminology of
the late Aleister Crowley, self-declared "Beast 666" of the
Apocalypse, notorious for his sex-magic practices on the island
of Corfu.  Not quite the done thing for a bishop of the Church
.... (Consecrator of: BARBER; DE BRION; HOGG; SHREVES)."

Not a lot of people know that :-)

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