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Re: Nucleus of Elitism

Aug 19, 1996 06:09 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

>In America, we feel a natural tendency toward non-elitism and hate the idea of
>royalty or anyone that is too "stuck-up"  These prejudices are not shared and
>other countries and cultures still cling to the idea of the elite as a
>step to keep the masses on the right track.

The Amer. Federation of Astrologers cast the natal chart of the USA at the time
the Declaration of Independence was born.  (July 4, 1776, Philadelphia, PA at
2:13 am, standard time)  Sun in Cancer, Gemini rising sign.  Moon in Aquarius
close to an Aquarian Midheaven.

The Moon in Aquarius indicates a capacity to sympathize with the needs of
humanity.  Being friendly to all, in an impersonal way.  This nation seeks
freedom of expression and demands freedom in its domestic situation.  Unusual
family/population relationships are seen in its melting pot of many
nationalities and intermarriage of them.

While these astrological energies that influenced the USA to be non-elitist,
other countries might have very different charts, indicating their system move
along different lines in the cosmic drama.

>Is whole earth ecology an excuse for a communist type control and planning?

How about an excuse for survival?

>These are ideas that are brewing just below the surface for me. Has anyone ever
>thought anything like this?  That the appeal of the Masters is in some way, the
>appeal of (God forbid) a sports star who seems larger than life, and that I can
>share in his or her glory by collecting trading cards the way some collect
>tidbits of thesophical history?

I think you have a very good point here.  But it's easy for people to want to
group together and feel "special".  Even though it's a false specialness that is
actually blocking out the connection to one's Higher Self, which is really the
only non-special specialness there is.  It makes one feel special enough to go
out to others, not lord it over them.

-Ann E. Bermingham

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