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Re: WPR - Again, Again

Aug 19, 1996 05:11 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

>Gerda and I suffered through most of the official stuff at the beginning and
>after that was over it got to be fun.  I took the morning train down and the
>late train home. . .   A situation I made up for the next
>afternoon during John Algeo's talk.  I snored.

I take it you were riding the Northwestern home, while I was hopping onto the

Algeo at the WPR?  That shows you how aware I was of what was going on.  I
basically approached the whole thing from what I liked and what fit my agenda.
Most of my choices were based on a search for material for writing - the endless

BTW, Chuck and others, if I haven't responded to your posts recently, it may be
because I was supposed to be receiving the digest.  Unfortunately, my Compuserve
service gets lazy with lengthy posts and would send me only half the digest.
I've gone back to regular post, so I should be able to read everything now.

-Ann E. Bermingham

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