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Re: Nucleus of Elitism

Aug 18, 1996 04:43 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <960818182516_74024.3352_BHT152-1@CompuServe.COM>, Keith
Price <> writes
>These are ideas that are brewing just below the surface for me. Has anyone ever
>thought anything like this?  That the appeal of the Masters is in some way, the
>appeal of (God forbid) a sports star who seems larger than life, and that I can
>share in his or her glory by collecting trading cards the way some collect
>tidbits of thesophical history?

I think there is a lot of truth in this, though not in the literal "card
carrying" sense.  The thing to collect is dedication the THEIR work plus
OBEDIENCE to THEIR chosen representatives ...
>The real danger which is again and again stated that the first thing must be the
>destruction of the childish, ego centered selfish desires of the lower bodies.

Yes: it's the "destruction" idea which reminds me all too much of Roman
Catholicasceticism carried to extremes.  Humans are mutiple-layer
beings, so why canot the child in us be allowed to play at the same time
as the sage in us gets on with sage-ing?

>This is a recurrent theme in texts like the VOS.  The danger, for me, I am
>afraid, is that someone like Krishnamurti may come along and say these elitist
>notions  about the "path" are all bosh and fliim flam.

This para is not clear - are you saying you think the elitest notions
should be retained, and are not BS etc?

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