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Authorial reluctance

Aug 15, 1996 06:13 AM
by Martin_Euser

Paul wrote:

>Martin, in today's digest, mentions that published authors on
the list have been reluctant to go into detail about their
works in progress.  I only remember one question about mine,
and thought my response sufficiently detailed.  If anyone cares
to ask anything more about my approach to Cayce, feel free.  Perhaps
this reference didn't include me, however.

        Paul: let me rephrase my remark in a positive way.
I think that the knowledgeable authors on this list could perform a great
service to others on this list when they summarized some of their findings.
As there are many systems, authors, etc. pertaining to the spiritual and one
cannot study them all, such summaries can speed up our understanding of what's
available in this world today and broaden our perspective on things
It would also provide some interesting fuel to discussions.
My reference included you too, as I have asked you before to give some more
info on Cayce, which you did not like to do at that time. But you say now that
you're willing to provide more info about your approach, which is a new
to me. So, I for one would value that highly if you would tell us something
about the perspective that Cayce offers on spirituality.
The other person I had in mind is Alan, with whom I have had some E-mail
already. I understand now that his kabbalistic system requires a certain
which makes it difficult to discuss it with others who don't have this
Anyway, he is willing to discuss things where feasible, so the matter seems
resolved now.

<big snip>
P>I hope this makes clearer the position in which authors find
themselves, whether or not it is relevant to the case at hand.

        Sure. It's clear enough although not relevant to my point.


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