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reply to Konstantin

Aug 15, 1996 04:59 AM
by wichm

ate: Wed, 14 Aug 1996 08:47:36
Michael writes:
w> After Einstein multi-dimensional personalities emerged (Seth).
w> It is remarkable that these subjects were almost ignored by the Masters.
Konstantin answers:
< It's a lie. C.Leadbeater described multidimentional worlds and
<corresponding entities before Einstein.

Michael: May be, but they did not appear as spiritistic communicators.

Konstantin:< But a contrary, Einstein read theosophical books. Maybe he was
<disagree with them - i don't know, but anyway, he got acquainted with them.

Micael: Who didn't at the time?

MICHAEL> I have met a number of Tibetan monks, some from the inner circle of the
w> Dalai Lama. I was always tempted to tell them about the Theosophic

KONSTANTIN:> So why did he take part in 100th T.S. anniversary?
MICHAEL: May be because he would find warm sympathy amongst Theosophists for
Tibet's cause. I should be very interested to be informed of a comment by
him on the existence of a White Brotherhood in Tibet. Incidentally, the
account of Baird Spalding on his meeting them was probably all phantasized

MICHAEL> Then there is the development of the handwriting and grammar (Russian
w> grammatical mistakes). Admittedly many were explained by her, but rather
KONSTANTIN:>These mistakes could be made by anyone whose native language
>has an archaic grammatic structure. These languages are sanskrit, all
>slavic languages except bulgarian, languages of baltic countries,
>latin, etc. and partially spanish and portugues. (You can see here
>letters from Brazil which are written like mine. They might be trans-
>lated to russian without changing word order. "Unveiled Isis" vs "Isis
>Unveiled" - this corresponds also to a russian title of this book).
>Only few languages have such a weird grammar as english has.

This would mean that these masters(Egypt & Tibet) learnt English in the same
pace as Mme. Blavatsky did! I wonder whether you have read the early
communications from the Brotherhood of Luxor to HPB as related in Old Diary

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