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Aug 14, 1996 11:55 PM
by Maxim Osinovsky

I have recently subscribed to a moderated email discussion group. I
thought it would be
interesting to Theos-L subscribers to see how other discussion groups try
to cope with the problems the electronic exchange generates. (All
references specific to the group are deleted.)

PURPOSE: The purpose of ..... is to be a general means of
communication among this online community, to allow its members
to discuss varied topics, keep informed of events and to keep in touch
one with another.

WHO ARE WE?:  ..... does not represent any one physical community or
organization, nor does it present itself as the official online voice for
any one person or group of persons.  Each participant is free to hold and
express differing ideas on all subjects, including ....,  this yoga, other
teachers, etc.

ON-LINE ETIQUETTE: At the same time we strive for and expect each member of
..... to maintain the highest standard of discussion and interaction.
.... is designed to be a free and open discussion group.  However
participants who repeatedly attempt to disrupt the group with personal
agendas, ideologies that are deeply at odds with the aims of the group, or
other hostile behavior may not be allowed to continue.   Removal of a
person from the list will only be used as a last resort, if a person is
unresponsive to reasonable requests or persists in posting messages that
are deemed to be disruptive to .....

COLLECTIVE YOGA:  Each person is expected to be fair, respectful, and
compassionate in his/her dealings with the others on this forum. Further,
we see this forum and group as an opportunity to practice a collective
sadhana [yogic practice], which means offering our actions here to the
Divine for uplifting and transformation.

COMPLAINTS:  Complaints about individual participants, if seen to be
serious, will be reviewed by an informal moderating group.  This group
consists of people who have been involved over time in serving the needs of
this on-line community.

CONFLICT RESOLUTION:  If you have a complaint about the way the list is
being handled, or the conduct of one of its members, please privately (and
politely!) contact the individual with whom you have a disagreement.  If
you are unable to achieve a resolution of your dispute individually, then
contact ....., who will forward your complaint to the Moderating
group.  If complaints are seen as serious or numerous enough, a Group
member will try to see if the parties in dispute can work it out amongst
themselves first.  If not, and if the complaints continue, the Moderating
group will take it up. All participants on the list will have an
opportunity to voice their feelings on the matter at hand.  The Moderating
Group, using all the information available, will then attempt to reach a
consensus on the matter. If  a consensus is reached that a member is
completely incompatible with the purposes of the discussion group, that
person may be removed from the list.

We have kept things as informal as possible while maintaining some
structure, in order to keep the process open and flexible to changing
circumstances and conditions, while trusting in the general goodwill of all

QUOTING:  We urge everyone who uses quotations and references from books
and publications to provide specific sources for them.  This will be
helpful for those that would like to read the source material for
themselves and also minimize speculation and mistakes.

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