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RE: Authorial reluctance

Aug 16, 1996 06:16 AM
by Kim Poulsen

Dear Martin,
   could you specify what this authorial reluctance might be (you could be
talking of anyone). I am myself working on a large body of material, which
I normally will not tire the readers here with.
 (I intended to write a little last week on the VOS thread, but my computer
broke down and delayed me.)
  I am just now working on something which to me is exciting enough to
raise the little hairs on the back of my neck, but which never arouses much
comment when I mentions it.
  I have made the observation that certain ancient texts are full of terms
we connect with theosophical doctrines and that these terms disappear
completely in translations. An example - in the Mandukya karika 4.92
Gaudapada mentions Adibuddha and the realition of "it" to the seventh
principle, Shankara adds that this seventh principle is svabhavat. In
short, someone aught to translate such material from a theosophical angle.
To me it seems the best chance to lay our hands on some high quality eso
teric material - and this is my angle described unreluctantly!

In friendship,


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