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Sri Aurobindo

Aug 14, 1996 08:49 AM
by Macnev Uri

For: Maxim Osinovsky
Subject: Sri Aurobindo

m> I post a complete text of Sri Aurobindo's small book (lecture notes?)

 But it doesn't prove that Sri Aurobindo belongs to theosophical
tradition. Terms used there don't match in meaning with theosophical
ones. More than that, it controverses with Bhagavad-gita in some

>      I come next to Prana, the nervous or vital element in man which is
>centralised below the Manas and Chitta in the subtle body and connected
> with the navel in the Sthula Deha.
 And where's kama? :)

> into the error of those who try to harmonise Yogic Science with the
> physical science of the Europeans and search for the Yogic Nadis and
> Chakras in the physical body. You will not find them there. There are
 Although japanese made experiments and proved that electrical field
in chakra area changes when one concentrates on it.

> Educate the Will first, through the Will
> educate the Jnanam, through the Jnanam purify the Chitta, control the
> Prana and calm the Manas.
 Black lodge methods, BTW. (using will instead of heart)
> Through all these instruments immortalise the body.
Immortalize body. What for? For preserving astral & mental bodies (by
keeping an attratcion center) left by higher self and avoid getting
into 8th sphere. ;)

> unilluminated Buddhi
 No comments :()

> Again if you think with the Buddhists that all life is a misery and
> extinction of some kind the highest good, or if you think with the
> Mayavadin that we came into this world with no other object but to get
> out of it again as soon as possible, like the famous general whose greatest
> military exploit was to march up a hill in order to march back again,
> you had better pass me by.
In this paragraph he completely dissociates himself from a heritage
of both Buddha & Shankaracharya. And shows that he wasn't acquainted
enough with both mayavada & shunyavada.

> I do not find that teaching in the Veda
  "Three-guna pertaining are vedas,
   be higher than three gunas, Arjuna" :)

> I am a Tantric.
  It explains all.
> If men were satisfied with indulging in reason, memory and
  Castanedist. :)

> That is the real yoga, the Mahapantha, that is the true and only
 "Buy only in our shop. Don't allow yourself to be fooled in other place."

W/best wishes, Konstantin Zaitzev  2:5020/360.4 Fidonet

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