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Views on reincarnation

Aug 14, 1996 08:50 AM
by Macnev Uri

For: Dr. A.M.Bain
Subject: views on reincarnation

> In countries such as India, where reincarnation is held to be a fact,
> most accounts concern the almost *immediate* reincarnation of someone,
> and the best documented ones show the new soul inhabiting a child in a
> family not far from its former abode in terms of time *and* distance.
> This does *not* concur with the TS teaching.
 Well, but closely corresponds to Bailey & Agni-yoga.

> I was in a 1st World War aircraft, and was shot down (1918).
> Reborn in 1933 with an otherwise unaccountably emotional attachment to
> songs of WWI.
 So, please reply to my previous letter about afterdeath experience -
did you awake in astral plan immediately after death?
 Also you can prove or refute E.Barker - does she describe properly
world war 1 view from astral?

W/best wishes, Konstantin Zaitzev  2:5020/360.4 Fidonet

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