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Martin's closing words

Aug 14, 1996 11:19 AM
by wichm

Fine that we have come to know each other's point of view. I'm sure we will
not move an inch from our position.
Nineteenth century' Theosophy is to me a belief that did a lot of good to
jolt people  out of outworn concepts. I think that the grandour of its
vision could lead people to take greater responsibility for their lives and
life in general. It could change the nihilistic outlook of the young generation.
Having said that I feel that, if we wish to move on, we have to discard
clinging to old Theosophic concepts and open ourselves up to new perceptions
of reality and especially to a new approach to receiving Grace from within
in all humility.

What I like in this discussiongroup is that many contributors look in the
same direction, each working on a slightly different wavelength, though.

Sometimes I detect a defeatist cry that Theosophy has not fulfilled its
promises. Although that is true, on the other hand Theosophy became the
craddle of the New Age movement, practically all ideas being taken from her
without due reference. (Some would say that she was paid back in her own coin!)

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