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Full Moon ...

Aug 14, 1996 08:48 AM
by Macnev Uri

For: Keith Price
Subject: Full Moon in Aquaraius meditation

k> The mediations at the full moon revivify our immune systems
k> and the immune system of the planet being attacked by the
  Daniil Andreyev in "World Rose" (which isn't translated, IMO)
wrote that a demon of sexual desire called Voglea inhabits the moon.
She lives on a dark side because the sunlight is dangerous for her.
So, the moon radiation is healthy when the Moon is groving and full,
and, contrary, harmful when the Moon is dark.
  But all this book is very suspicious and i don't trust it a much.
It was written in jail in a full isolation, some ideas are theosophical
and others are not. It's very rich of demonology and descriptions of
different hells (which are 2-dimensional worlds w/multidimentional time)
and purgetorias. He writes also that headquartes of evil forces is loca-
ted on Antares (eagle). But one idea from that book seems me an interes-
ting. It's an explanation about Faeton, missing planet between Mars & Ju-
piter. It had a satellite, like Moon. All evil forses were extradicted
>from Faeton to its satellite. Then Faeton "transfigurated" like J. Christ
and desappeared form a physical plane. An annihilation of such a great
mass of course produced a gravitational shock which destroyed the satel-
lite. So asteroides which we watch, are pieces of the satellite, not of
Faeton. Because of that a summary mass of all the asteroides doesn't re-
ach a number compatible with a mass of any "serious" planet, like Earth
or even Mars.

 To save a net resources, here i append two questions to all subscribers:

1. Corresponding to some theosophical teachings, astral plane of
Earth is isolated from those of other planets. But an astral atmo-
sphere is large enough and enfolds Moon. What do you think, will
the astronauts die if they undertake a flight to Mars? Won't their
astral bodies explode when leaving earth astral atmosphere? Is it
possible to construct the starships which will preserve a proper
astral atmosphere inside, like a gaseous atmosphere is preserved?
(I have no information, whether were any living beings on board of
automatical stations already sent to Mars.)

2. There's controversal information about aftredeath experience of
accidentally (violently) killed people. Some sources say, that their
experience doesn't much differ from those who died by "his own death"
(E. Barker). Some say, though, that those are kept in "cataleptical"
state till their "natural death" time will come and only then wake
up for astral life (M. Heindel). What do you think? Maybe you know
some experience of your friends which may prove one theory and deny
the other.

W/best wishes, Konstantin Zaitzev  2:5020/360.4 Fidonet

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